The KEY difference in working with us is that CARTOONING is just our specialty... Our chief cook and bottle washer, CartoonBob himself, has been in the advertising and graphic design business in New York City, London, and Auckland for decades, in the capacity of studio principal, art and creative director. We 'speak' a promotional language that goes way beyond cartooning. We can expertly work with you to end up with the absolute best cartoon illustrations for your business. It's actually a FUN process! Call us today!




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A Word About


Your Content...

... alias more bang for your buck!

Much like the multiplying RABBITS shown below, once we have cartoons and words that represent your product or service finished in one form or size, it's only a partial job to redirect/reuse that content to a different size or format.

e.g. Panels in a comic strip based AD can easily be used as scenes in a Powerpoint presentation or to accompany written posts on FaceBook or in your blog.


Cartoon Intermediate

Cartoon Full Color Final

Cartoon Rough

Our NON-capabilities:

We don't do any moving / animated cartoons. We're busy enough doing static, non-animated cartoons as it is.

We don't do back end websites. We only do front end content for you to give to your web people to use.

We don't do work for tobacco or alcoholic products.

We don't do cartoons for somber subjects... e.g. funeral homes. It's just not appropriate, eh?

UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL: The really amazing thing about Bob is his versatility.  I’ve asked him to do a wide spectrum of illustrations and every time he nails exactly what I want without having to tell him what I want.  He’s truly a valued partner in my business and in the businesses we help.  -Trygve, Social Horsepower LLC


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