Multi-page comic strip/comic book we did to help tell the Lego® story:

Here's a comic strip designed to fit into a 4 page booklet that we did to promote an accountant:

We can do a comic strip in a variety of styles and levels, ranging from very simplistic bean or stick figure characters, all the way to very highly illustrated panels... depending upon your budget, and preferences.


Please note the difference between a comic strip and a gag cartoon... A comic strip is multi-panel, while a gag cartoon is usually one panel.

Here's a comic strip that we did for a husband to give as an anniversary gift.

Here are panels we did for a Powerpoint training presentation. The dialogue was done as voice-over by the client.

Perhaps a custom comic strip might be a promotional match for YOUR business or product?

There's NO CHARGE to call CartoonBob Studios to discuss the possibilities. USA EDT 347-610-2306

UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL: If you are looking for someone who understands how to design a direct response advertorial style advert; is able to combine that with a polished design layout; is completely amenable to taking direction (so many designers are very protective of their ideas and are reluctant to accept design comments from a copywriter); works hard and swiftly and retains a sense of humour even under intense pressure, then you need look no further. This provider was a joy for me to work with; so much so, I felt compelled to add a bonus to his original quote. And it was worth every cent. My client is delighted with the result, as am I. I would not hesitate to call on this team again when similar projects come up. Thanks for a professional result.

Carol Bentley