We can do gag cartoons in a variety of styles and levels, ranging from very simplistic bean or stick figure characters, all the way to very highly illustrated panels... depending upon your budget, and preferences.

Please note the difference between a gag cartoon and a comic strip. A comic strip is multi-panels, while a gag cartoon is usually one panel.


We always start our gag cartoons with a script we write, which describes the cartoon we propose to do. For example, the cartoon shown here  would be first written like this: Huge man sized lobster with his top half dressed in a suit is sitting in a guest chair at a desk being interviewed for a job. Man (smiling) at desk is holding the lobster's resumé and saying: (caption) "Don't tell me... let me guess... you're applying for the lobster shift!"

HUMOR WORKS! Typically, a gag cartoon is one scene with a caption.

We are expert at thinking up/writing the humor, and then drawing it. We can apply our funny views to most industries. Typically, our clients hire us to add some COMIC RELIEF to their website, newsletter, or actually wherever their corporate communications are seen.

Many of our gag cartoons are based in an office setting.

We've also done sets of gag cartoons about numerous other topics... e.g.

• Landlord – Tenant Relations

• Gluten Free Food

• Drinking Coffee

• Sales and Marketing

• Mathematical Symbols

• Numbers and Letters


What can we do for YOU?

Sky's the limit... CartoonBob Studios has a very active, vivid, and creative imagination!

Below is a bunch of samples from one of several weekly and monthly cartoons we do for our clients.

Cartoons provide comic relief. Strategically used cartoons grease the wheels of business, and are great for general good will and public relations branding. NOTE: Another type of custom cartoon set is SIMPLE ICONIC CARICATURES...

UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL: Absolutely incredible experience and the end drawings were perfect. He spent the time to understand exactly what I wanted and then translated into a perfect drawing. Very open to changes and tweaks and a very fast turnaround. I highly recommend.

Craig Snodgrass, VA



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