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We run our business

based on

the best of:




If you already have any logos, photos  or other graphics that would be part of your project, we'd need them in the best resolution you have. If the files you have are large, we can arrange a transfer via a file transfer site like,, or dropbox.


IT'S VERY SIMPLE! Let's start with a conversation... preferably the old fashioned, time proven way...

2 people actually talking to each other. Phone, Email, and Skype meetings too!


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We'll help you to think

OUTSIDE the box!

Our major steps are

   1) Clarify

       2) Roughs as needed

           3) Tighter Intermediates

              4) Final work, delivered in the format(s) you need.

                    (see example of these steps below)

 (Above: pencil intermediate

from a cartoon in progress.)

We're EASY to work with! If you've never worked with a cartoonist or graphic designer before, we can guide you through the process. It's not difficult... we'd  explain the process and any questions for you up front, to help you to understand what to expect. We don't bite... and also... we don't have a crystal ball.


NEW CLIENTS... We'd need to establish a few SIMPLE things.


What we'll be looking for is:


* CLARIFICATION: Do you know what you want, and is it the best graphic approach?

There is NO CHARGE for us to help you with this. We'd be more than happy to talk this over and make recommendations as to best use our talents to enhance your promotional materials, website(s), and/or corporate communications.


* As part of clarification, we'd agree to  a budget / estimate / terms


• We'd expect prompt responses to questions or to phases of your project in order to get it moving, and to keep it moving.


EXISTING OR RETURNING CLIENTS already have gone through some back-and-forth exchanges for us to cut to the chase and skip some preliminaries.

In a nutshell... talk with CartoonBob and together we'll determine what you want and/or need. You don't need to know this in advance of simply talking with us... Let us be creative FOR you!

A Word About  Multi-Purposing  Your Content...

... otherwise known as getting more bang for your buck!

Once we have cartoons and words that represent your product or service finished in one form or size, it's only a partial

job to redirect/reuse that content to a different size or format. e.g. Panels in a comic strip based AD can easily be used

as scenes in a Powerpoint presentation or to accompany written posts on FaceBook or in your blog.




See a wide range of actual project samples showing how we've added COLORFUL FUN to  websites, newsletters, blogs, displays, PowerPoint presentations, InfoGraphic, ads and print pieces.

See how we've used multi-panel comic strips to tell a story... or samples of how we've created a ‘baker’s dozen’ set of ‘gag’ cartoons for our clients to freely use  for years.

See how we've transformed execs into custom

SuperHeros or world class caricatures.

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click here to send us an email  • Text or Phone (USA EDT): 347-610-2306