Note difference in styling below... not as highly polished an illustration as the Sherlock one to the left.

We have A FEW LEVELS of style that we offer, to include something creative and custom, for lower budgets.

We did this illustration for an 8x8 foot board used at a show. The two black ovals were holes for visitors to put their faces through for photos.

Left: Line

art only.



Full color

finished art.

Pro bono cartoon illustration we did for a local animal shelter that we got 3 of our cats from.

Left: This is my first prototype illustration creating a new character called 'Poor Bob From HR' for one of our corporate clients. Bob's 'job' is to provide comic relief.

That was over 80 weekly cartoons ago. He must be doing his 'job' quite well.

See for more of the cartoons we did for them

"CartoonBob Studios was great handling the changing demands of our corporate clients. Their communication was excellent every step of the creative process. They knew how to provide the high resolution art needed for our production specs. Bob's fun and professional style was perfect for our project. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Bob again."


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See a wide range of actual project samples showing how we've added COLORFUL FUN to  websites, newsletters, blogs, displays, PowerPoint presentations, InfoGraphic, ads and print pieces.

See how we've used multi-panel comic strips to tell a story... or samples of how we've created a ‘baker’s dozen’ set of ‘gag’ cartoons for our clients to freely use  for years.

See how we've transformed execs into custom

SuperHeros or world class caricatures.

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