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    Custom illustrations

   Cartoons from

   simple to complex

   All work is custom

  FREE consultation

  FREE review and



  Skype meetings







        We'll lead the way,

       and keep you in the

       loop for the whole

       process. We submit

      rough sketches first,

     subject to your

     review and


   We then do tighter


  also for your

 review... prior to

 going to tight,

finished artwork.

USE US to infuse your promo materials with Imagination • Creativity • Fantasy • Clarification • Comic Relief • Fun

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•  Gag cartoons on a topic related to your business, for your website or business blog. We'll write a selection of gag cartoons for you to choose from before we draw them.

•  Set of caricatures of you and your staff, or iconic caricatures for you to use on promo materials, emails, blogs, presentations, etc. Very handy! Super Heroes too!

•  Explanatory comic strip, to explain your product or service.

Custom illustrated Tee-Shirt artwork

Promotional PostCard, either for snail mail or adapted for an email blast. Note: What we design for you as a postcard can easily be adapted to be an AD or flyer or even broken into parts for a PowerPoint presentation. See MultiPurposing here.

Seasonal, customized Greeting Cards

Have us design a custom Mascot for you!

Express your valuable opinion with a political cartoon!

There are so many ways to enhance your promotional materials with drawings, cartoons and illustrations.

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We offer a FREE professional review of your materials, and can recommend and estimate on ways to best use our range of talents.


Call CartoonBob studios @ 347-610-2306

A picture is worth a thousand words...

A good cartoon is worth much more!

Updated January 2018!!

Ask us for custom written and drawn Regular interval cartoons ...Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever... CartoonBob will be happy to work out a schedule and budget just for you. We'll even help you with the ideas!

Compile enough of them, and we can even help you to put them into a web gallery or an e-book!


UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL: Quality, professionalism and responsiveness are critical for me, and Bob has all three. In particular, he went way beyond the call of duty to implement changes and get things done to fit a very tight schedule. Exceeded even the high expectations I had from previous projects with him. Puts other providers to shame. Thanks Bob!

Mark Brownlow



The following EIGHTEEN BOXES show a quick sampling of things we can do for you:


Blog Cartoons

Book Artwork






Coloring Books/Pages

Comic Strips

Custom Cartoon Sets



Custom SuperHeroes

IDEAS/Our Process

Mascots • Logos


Not Just Cartoons

Political Cartoons

Postcards / Greeting Cards

Product Cartoons


Tee Shirt Artwork

Training • Clarity

Web Content