Why have ONLY WORDS on your Powerpoint or other corporate communications, training presentations, newsletters, etc?

A well thought out and rendered illustration or cartoon can make your points crystal clear and very memorable for your audience.

You might have ideas for visuals, or not. Send us a copy of your script or current files, and we'd be happy to make custom recommendations indicating how we can enhance them for you.

Below... a few sample scenes we developed for a training program for a large international corporation based in France.

There was a complete narrative that we worked to illustrate and clarify.

Do you have an existing set of files for training or other corporate presentations that you'd like to have made most effective? CartoonBob has been professionally enhancing visual presentations for a wide range of clients for decades. Call us at 347-610-2306 to start the ball rolling.

UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL: This provider did a fantastic job! Was very easy to work with and patient with us throughout the entire project (even after we changed design half way throught the project). Great final product.

Kimeran Johnson, GA

Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute



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