A ‘CartoonBob’ Custom Cartoon Package— mixed in with your corporate communications can tickle and grab attention better than green tentacles would!



Grab More Attention!

Get More Business!

Grease the wheels of your business by having CartoonBob Studios do cartoons for you. Add COLORFUL FUN to your website, newsletter, blog, display, PowerPoint presentations, InfoGraphic, ads and print pieces. Drive home a point. Use a multi-panel comic strip to tell a story... or just have CartoonBob Studios write and draw a ‘baker’s dozen’ set of ‘gag’ cartoons on whatever subject or product you offer, and use them throughout the year. Have CartoonBob Studios transform your execs into custom SuperHeros or world class caricatures.

These are the 10 main characters that CartoonBob Studios illustrates for PaperCuts, a regular office based cartoon that is created and written by Steve Saxton.

WELCOME to CartoonBob Studios!

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